Tyler - Maya Rig

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Tyler is a character-rig created for Maya 2022 and up. One of the goals was to create a flexible but very detailed rig that can be used from subtle to cartoony shots.

What do you get ?

-The Rig

-Facial hair options: Beard and Mustache

-Clothing options: Hat, Shirt, Long Sleeve Shirt

-Adjustable Colors: For the entire character
-Textures: NOT INCLUDED: shading, lighting or groom
-Face Anatomy and Wireframe Texture

-Poselibrary: 50+ Poses: Face and Hands
-MG Picker: Face, Body and Settings
-FCM Hider File

For a full overview for this rig, you can watch:

Licence Information:

Single User Licence:
-This licence that can be used for non commercial/personal work.

Instructor Licence:
-This licence that can be used to teach and stream. This licence is not for the students of the class. With this licence you are also allowed to create educational videos for students or social media.

School Licence:
-This licence is for schools and can be used for up to 50 students. If you are looking for a licence for more than 50+ students, please contact me.

Commercial Licence:
-This licence can be used for commercial purposes.

Extra Info:

-Body Rig made with: Advanced Skeleton 6
-Face Rig + Model: Tim van Dulmen

Terms of Use:
-No racist, offensive or explicit content

Join the Discord community:

For question you can email me at:

Follow on socials:

Disclaimer: You cannot use this rig for any AI purposes

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Tyler - Maya Rig

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